mercredi 13 août 2014

Guest Blog :: Caprese Sandwich

My sisters have caught the cooking bug too and my younger sister Grace has asked to guest blog. Here's her delicious take on an Italian dish: caprese sandwiches. Sisters, sandwiches, laughs...what more could you ask for? ;)

With this week's obnoxiously hot weather, nothing rings in the summer like a caprese sandwich! It pretty much is the perfect meal to make for a vegetarian who lacks motivation, intelligence and patience to make anything that requires more than a few simple steps.  ;)  And it's not expensive to make!

1 small baguette
mozzarella cheese, sliced
1 fresh plum tomato (if possible, use organic), sliced

So are you ready for these simple steps with a super easy clean-up?

First, spread the pesto on the bread (the amount to your taste, I use about 2 tbsp on each side...I could inhale it).

Then place the mozzarella slices and the tomatoes inside the bread.

And you're done!

Okay, so while I must confess, this may not be an authentic Italian recipe (per my Italian brother), but I'm okay with this fact. It may be an American version of an Italian dish, but it's still the best sandwich out there! :)

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