dimanche 31 août 2014

Cooking Blunder and Life Update

I apologize for my absence - this week I started a new job and while we were creative in the kitchen, it just seemed that nothing was photo-worthy or blog-worthy. Then I thought, why not share them with you anyway? It's not like I claim to be a Michelin-worthy chef and everyone makes mistakes!

Due to our love of gnocchi and fresh pesto, we thought - hmm...why not try mixing those two together? It's not a traditional combination, but we couldn't think of why it wouldn't work. So last night we finally made it and took our first bite with great anticipation...and then we simultaneously had a look of disappointment on our faces. I'm not sure if it's the delicate flavor and texture of the gnocchi that was overwhelmed by the pesto...but it just didn't work.

Have you tried this combination before? Did you like it? Any tips? Let me know your thoughts!

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